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Green tea has gained huge popularity globally in recent years and led to the continual blooming of green tea confectioneries. On the other hand, there have been claims about how drinking green tea regularly can help you lose weight. They argue that the caffeine in green tea can interfere with fat metabolism and in turn decrease fat and carbohydrate absorption. Is that so?

Many studies have shown that the effect of caffeine on weight-loss appear to be very small. However, there are some contradicting studies showing that drinking green tea everyday could possibly be associated with greater weight loss compared to those who do not drink it at all. That being said, the differences are only significant for those who have very low habitual caffeine intake. For normal adults, most consume a fair amount of caffeine everyday—from coffee, different kinds of tea, energy drinks and chocolate products. Therefore, the differences would most likely not be significant. Moreover, genetics differences may also affect how caffeine interacts with the body so not everyone reacts in a similar way. Thus, it cannot be certain that green tea may help you lose weight. However, it does offer other benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants, which could help prevent your body cells from oxidative damage. Losing weight is not about just relying on certain products or food. Remember that exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet is always the key!