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How is an InBody test performed?

How long is the test with InBody 270?

The InBody 270 test will take 15 seconds and the results will print automatically after testing. It is recommended to test every 2-4 weeks to monitor and track the progress.

What is Segmental Lean Mass Analysis?

Can the InBody 270 assist with dietary changes or fitness routines?

Monitor Your Personal Body Composition

  • See and track your unique body composition
  • Tailor workouts to your health and fitness needs
  • Work with a dietitian to determine your unique macronutrient needs
  • Set, monitor, and maintain realistic health goals

Simplified Health and Wellness Analysis

  • Incorporates 4 key advanced technologies for accuracy
  • Quick 15-second test
  • 8 touch-points and multi-frequency impedance
  • Measurements across 5 body segments
  • Measures body fat, lean mass, minerals, and body water