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There are many places to find health and nutrition advice such as from doctors, health gurus, nutritionists, family members, and most significantly, the internet. It may be intimidating to see so much information about your health goals and everyone claims to be an expert about nutrition. When this leads to confusion and frustration about nutrition and diet, who can you turn to for reliable, personalized, and trusted advice? A dietitian!


What Does a Dietitian do?

Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They are trained to offer trusted and credible nutrition advice that is based on individual needs and health conditions. Dietitians advise patients on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. Dietitians are able to use the science behind the food we eat and translate it into understandable forms, in addition to support healthy living for their communities. Dietitians debunk the “quick fix solutions” that are offered through other sources, and consult this with the individual needs of patients. Dietitians work in all industries and work in interdisciplinary contexts. 


These ways can explain why Registered Dietitians help you reach your goals faster

1. Dietitians save you money

Investing in your health is a great idea if you have the privilege to commit to this. Adding up all of the costs of personalized diet programs, plans, special foods, supplements, and tracking devices can be costly, and not always effective. Working with a dietitian gives you the most value for your money, through personalized service by a dietitian in a private practice. A notable factor is also that health insurance covers dietitian services as well. 

2. Dietitians save you time

When meeting with a Dietitian, they can give you a personalized plan instead of a one-size-fits all solution that is commonly marketed towards individuals. By investing in a dietitian, you are not wasting time in certain popular programs or diets that can over time move you farther away from your health goals. Instead of being led down the wrong path, you are led down a streamline path to your goals! 

3. Dietitians give you tailored nutrition plans

When you work directly with a dietitian, they can take the time to learn about all of your health goals. Dietitians can manage your allergies, improve your heart health, and reduce your risk of disease. However, this is dependent on your physical and developmental needs and goals. Dietitians can specialize in many of your needs, whether it is disordered eating, sport nutrition, heart issues, or getting started with intuitive eating. Dietitians focus on helping patients make realistic changes to your diet without missing out on the foods you enjoy, as they tailor to the social impacts of food and healthy eating.