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Whether it be extra pumpkins from Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin carving or just festive decorations. Besides the pumpkin’s function of providing entertainment during Halloween, pumpkin also provides other benefits for your physical health. 


  1. The bright orange color from pumpkins are from a compound called beta-carotene. This compound is converted to vitamin A and is necessary for our immunity and eye health! Consuming pumpkins will help us reach our daily value of Vitamin A for the better of our health. 


  1. Interesting fact but pumpkins are actually fruits because of their seeds! Due to their fruit properties, this makes them a good source of fiber. Fiber can help maintain blood sugar level while contributing to the feeling of satiety. They are a great staple if you are looking for something that fill you easily. 


  1. Pumpkins are so versatile in terms of how you can eat it! You can go from sweet like pumpkin pies to savory like pumpkin soup! Pumpkins are a low-calorie food that is nutrient-dense packed with vitamin C, E, folate and iron. 


Seems like the pumpkin is more than just a decoration! Try to find a pumpkin recipe for all seasons of the year!