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Happy Nutrition Month! Living in Canada, there is such an abundance of multiculturalism and a variety of cultures. A big part of people’s cultures is food. However, it can sometimes be uncomfortable to step outside of your comfort zone and to try foods that are unfamiliar with you. Today we’re going to talk about ways to enjoy other types of cultural foods, and how to appreciate other culture’s foods and traditions.


  1. Try not to refer to other types of cuisines as “exotic”. Although they may be foreign to you, these foods are not considered “exotic” to those of that culture. These terms are often associated with certain cultures only, and may be offensive to those belonging to these ethnic groups. 


  1. Recognize that different cultural groups use different types of ingredients, and certain flavours may be acquired, it’s okay to not enjoy everything you try. 


  1. Keep an open mind, and be respectful when someone shares food from their culture.


  1. If you don’t like something, this is okay, but continue to explore other dishes from other cultures that you may enjoy. 


  1. Do not profit off of other people’s cultures without giving the rightful owners credit for cooking techniques, stories etc. 


  1. Don’t expect to be praised for eating different culture’s foods. By saying that you’re adventurous for eating foods from other cultures, it could be seen as disrespecting their culture by treating their food as weird.


  1. Do make note of which foods you enjoy, and continue to enjoy them! Educate yourself and try to recreate it at home to save money, or support local restaurants and continue to enjoy other culture’s foods 


All in all, exploring different foods, cultural dishes and staples are a great way to learn more about various cultures and heritages. Ensure that it is done in a respectful way and remember to continuously educate yourself on stories and backgrounds behind these dishes.