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As temperatures drop and mornings shorten, we know it is time to whip out those thick jackets and scarves to embrace the cold. As much as we love the holidays that come with winter, we cannot deny the fact that our motivation and health may hit rock bottom due to the dark skies and lack of sun.


Therefore, to overcome this phenomenon, we have some suggestions for everyone on how you can stay healthy and motivated throughout this season:


  1. Eat what makes you feel happy! Seasonal depression can really be a thing here, especially in Vancouver where it rains 90% of the time. To make your stay indoors more enjoyable, find something that will make you happy when you eat it. When your stomach’s happy, you will be happy. 


  1. Remember to always have a balanced meal. It is so important for you to get all your essential nutrients and energy, especially during stressful seasons where optimal health is preferred. The easiest way to do so is to use the Canadian Food Guide as a reference. Here is the Golden Ratio: 50% fruits and/or vegetables, 25% protein and 25% grain. Follow it and you will be set for the most part!


  1. No more excuses for not working out! Exercising really helps you physically and mentally. Using it as a break from work or classes can benefit you in the long-run by resting your mind and body. If working out alone is not really something you want, you can always call a family member or friend to work out with you (especially if they are making excuses). 


I know that winters are tough but together we can conquer it and come out of it stronger than ever!