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As the holiday season quickly approaches, many of us may become worried about staying on track with our health and normal eating habits. So, what are some important considerations when approaching holiday eating and how can we meet our goals while still being kind to ourselves?

Although there are many changes to the holiday season this year due to the pandemic, from small family dinners or other festivities, we will be given many food options that may be different than our normal options. Many people find it hard to stay on track with many different temptations around us constantly. It is totally normal to have healthy eating goals and to be cognisant of what we are consuming, however we should be kind to our bodies and treat ourselves! The holidays are a time to celebrate and spend time with loved ones, and food should not be our top consideration. But, if you are looking for some guidelines or tips to stay healthy during the holiday season, here are some tips!

Eat breakfast every day 

Eating breakfast is not just important during the holiday season, because it is important every day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and helps provide you with the energy to get your day started. Before a large holiday dinner, many people choose to skip breakfast knowing that they will have a large meal later, or they are “saving their hunger for later”. This isn’t the best habit to have because overeating at a holiday dinner may make you feel bloated and will restrict your eating. 

Portion control 

Eat as much as you think will make you full. At holiday dinners, there are massive plates given out and people often become pressured to fill up their whole plate. This often forces us to eat more than we are able to, or leads us to waste food. A tip is to use a smaller plate, or be cognisant of how much food you are putting on your plate. There is nothing wrong with getting seconds if you are more hungry, so it is best not to overestimate how much food will make you full! If you wish, following the “plate” image on Canada’s Food Guide can be a great tool in building your personalized holiday plate. This includes half fruit and vegetables, and a quarter each of grain products and protein.

Enjoy yourself 

As mentioned before, the holiday season is only once a year and it is important to celebrate the season with your loved ones. Try your best to not be upset if you ate more than you planned. Every day is a new day and keeping a positive mindset is incredibly important in staying healthy. 


Have a wonderful holiday season!