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May is the season when fruits are at their peak ripeness and also the time for you to take advantage of incorporating them into your diet! One of the fruits reaching that level are strawberries and let me tell you how many more benefits they have other than just the basic antioxidants and vitamin C.


Why exactly are strawberries good for your diet?

Not only do strawberries contain many antioxidants, they are also packed with vitamins and minerals like folate and magnesium.

Here are a few ways that you can add strawberries to your diet!


  • Adding them to a smoothie bowl along with other fruits and veggies as a topping or ingredient
  • Serving them with basil and balsamic vinegar
  • Dipping strawberries into a yogurt of your choice to create a tasty treat
  • Eating them with black pepper for a little kick


Enjoy fresh strawberries in season while you can!



Reviewed by Annie Tsang, RD