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It is currently cauliflower season, the best time to eat them! 


Here are some nutritional benefits from eating this beautiful vegetable:

  • High fiber content

Adding more fiber to your diet can be very beneficial for you! Fiber can aid with gastrointestinal tract function, as well as with controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

  • Antioxidant content

Antioxidants can help us get rid of free radicals or oxidation reactions in our body that are harmful to us. It can help decrease the chances of us having diseases like cancer. 

  • High in vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential for bone growth and the building of healthy bone tissues. They are also involved in the proteins of blood clotting. 


Besides eating them raw, you can prepare cauliflowers in several ways:

  • Bake it

Add it with some classic salt-and-pepper mixture with your favorite spices for a quick roast in the oven! We also have a recipe for some crispy baked cauliflower

  • Fry it

You don’t have to stick with the classic fried cauliflower florets but you can make them into “rice”! Replace the rice in fried rice to make yourself some extra-fiber “fried rice”. 

  • Add to soups

Soups are the best remedy for this cold weather! Add some cauliflower for some texture and increased nutritional value. 


Hurry now and enjoy some fresh in-season cauliflowers!