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Eating out can be a great way to relax and celebrate with others. Living in a health conscious world, dining out frequently can be a challenge when trying to be your healthiest self. Read this post for more simple tips to make your eating out experiences healthier!

Manage portion sizes

There are many options to alter portion sizes to make a meal more specialized to you. Portion sizes at restaurants or eateries can be larger than what you think is normal, so asking for half portions, sharing your meal with a friend, or being prepared to only eat a fraction or your meal and taking it home is encouraged. Also, splitting desserts with people at your table can be a great way to get a taste if you are already almost full. Lastly, “all you can eat” options can be a great deal, however they often lead to overeating and feeling sick as people are eager to get their money’s worth. It is good to evaluate how hungry you are prior to ordering your food.

Substitute or add components

At many restaurants the dishes can be customized to fit your needs. Ordering extra vegetables on pizzas or sandwiches can be an easy way to get more vegetables into your meal. Additionally, asking for sauces on the side can allow you to control how much you use. Grain products can also be substituted, so if you are keen on whole grain bread or brown rice this can add more nutrients to your meal.

Water as your beverage of choice

Drinking water with your meal can help you reduce excess sugar in your diet. It is recommended in the food guide to have water as your drink of choice with your meals. If you choose to drink alcohol, it may be a good idea to limit your consumption to 1-2 drinks per day. If you are not keen on water, there are many different types of ways to make water more exciting for you. For example, you can drink sparkling water and add fruit slices. 


Make sure to listen to your body and what speaks to you. Practicing intuitive eating is important and listening to cues for what you want to eat and makes you full. It is good to not restrict ourselves and eat what makes us feel happy especially when eating out.