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It is this time of the year again – dry weather, cold temperature, and barging flu virus. Having a busy life means we cannot afford to get sick but busy also means forgetting to put our body and ourselves in priority. With all the environmental stressors piling up at the same time, our immune system is under attack.

Studies have shown that taking a sufficient amount of vitamin C helps boost our immune system and lower  the risk of getting a cold or flu. What if you are already sick? Well, vitamin C does help to shorten the sick period by 1 to 1.5 days and avoid the development of further complication such as pneumonia.

The best way to take vitamin C would be through consumption of whole fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits, broccoli, red cabbage and bell peppers. Besides being rich in Vitamin C, these foods also provide many other nutrients and fibre to help maintain your health and promote a healthy digestive system. For vitamin C intake, a large orange normally provides around 100mg of vitamin C, which exceeds the daily reference intake of vitamin C for most people. Supplementation of vitamin C is generally not recommended as you can obtain plentiful of vitamin C through diet alone.