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As you already know and have experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our lives in many ways. We are now spending most of our time at home as school or work maybe online. May we realize it or not, this has drastically changed our routines with food. It is important to recognize that healthy eating is such an important part of your every day. However, right now, we have the opportunity of making positive eating choices at home, and this can lead to a big difference in your physical and mental health! Here are 4 tips to eat better at home. But, remember to listen to your body and be kind to yourself.

  1. Don’t skip meals
    Even if you are not starving, skipping meals isn’t always the best idea. Skipping meals can lead to tiredness and irritation. There are many reasons that people oftens skip meals, such as breakfast because one does not want to wake up early to cook or they believe that it will lead to faster weight loss. But, as we have more time at home, we should actively make the time to care for ourselves and cook, as a form of self care! In fact, skipping meals can decrease productivity and build stronger food cravings, that make you want to eat more. When you skip meals, your energy stores become drained, and you may not be your happy and productive self. The most important thing is to not deprive yourself of food. Listen to your body and eat every meal with intention.
  2. Do it with others!
    Finding the energy to make healthy changes in your diet can be difficult. It isn’t easy as you need a lot of motivation to stay on track. A general tip is to make changes to your food choices with others. Whether it is a friend who is also trying to stay healthy or your whole family, you all can keep each other accountable and motivate you. Having frequent phone calls, texts, or even sharing recipes with your partner can be a great way to keep your goals in sight. In addition, following body positive and health conscious influencers on Instagram or Facebook can always give you support, as long as they promote good choices and being kind to your body!
  3. Drink lots of water
    Remembering to drink water is such an important thing every single day and it is often neglected. Our bodies need water to maintain healthy body function and constant regulation. Having a water bottle or cup by you while you do your daily tasks can be a great reminder. If you want something more interesting, try drinking your water in different ways! You can add fruit slices or herbs to your water, or try new teas that motivate you to drink water.
  4. Reduce portion sizes
    Firstly, it is important that all foods can be incorporated in a healthy diet through moderation. Through eating at restaurants frequently, we can become accustomed to the large portion sizes that are served to us, and recreate it when cooking on our own. We often focus more about portion sizes instead of understanding how food fuels your body and getting the best value for your money. It can be great to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables with most, or all of your meals.