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Everyone can agree that water is good for you. However, there can be a lot of misconceptions about your fluid needs and the benefits of water. Read more to find out how water can make you be and feel more healthy and some tips to making drinking water more enjoyable for you!

The Importance of Water

Water is essential for many functions in the body. For example, fluids are important to regulate body temperature, lower risk of dehydration, maintain blood pressure, protect your organs, and move nutrients/waste around your body. Water is important to flush out waste, absorb nutrients, and is needed in all of your body systems. 

How Much Water?

There are a lot of questions and misconceptions when it comes to how much water people should drink everyday. It is found that the required amount of water needed for healthy functioning depends on sex, age, geographical location, genetics, and physical activity. Use this guide to learn how much water-or liquids you can aim to drink everyday. Another important consideration is that the amount of water that a person may need to drink everyday is different for everyone. Some indicators that your water needs have been met is to check your urine colour/smell, tiredness, and thirst levels. 


Although drinking water is important, it can also be dangerous to drink too much water. This can cause imbalances in your body and lead to confusion or other health problems. 


Tips to Meet your Fluid Goals

There are a lot of suggested strategies to help you drink water frequently. It is important to experiment and discover what strategies work for you. Here are some strategies to name a few

  • Always keep a cup of water bottle at your workstation. Having water close by you can create good habits and reduce the barriers of sticking to this habit
  • Start your day off by drinking a glass of water when you first get up in the morning
  • Be creative with your water! Experiment with adding sugarless flavouring, fruits, herbs, or drink sparkling water
  • Enjoy many different fluids like tea, milk, soy beverages, soups, and fruit juices to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Try to moderate the amount of soft drinks you drink.