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A plant-based diet can be both physically and environmentally beneficial. For our physical health, it is associated with lowering the risk of chronic diseases like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke. For our planet’s health, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions which is better for our environment. 

However, adopting new eating habits that differ from your usual routine may seem intimidating at first. That is why we are here to help! Here are some changes that are so small it will almost seem like you never switched to a more plant-based diet:  

  1. Instead of using animal milk, pick a plant milk to try. They range from nut milks like almond or soy milk! They may not taste the same as animal milks but they all have their own charm. In grocery stores, they should be located near the dairy section so they are not super hard to find either.
  2. Explore complete plant proteins! Most plant proteins do not have all nine essential amino acids that our body requires so it will require a little bit of mix and match with other complementary proteins to complete the amino acid profile we need for our body. However, there are still plant proteins that have all nine essential amino acids – which equals to the amino acid profiles of meat. Consuming complete plant protein means that we will not need to combine it with anything to have the complete amino acid profile; therefore, it would be easier to eat them without thinking too much about how you may be missing certain amino acids. Some examples of complete plant proteins are quinoa, buckwheat and soybean
  3. Instead of choosing vegan substitutes for animal-based food products, choose recipes that use naturally plant-based food! Vegan animal-based food can get costly easily and you may end up being disappointed by comparing the different tasting profiles between the vegan and the non-vegan version. Therefore, to make your meal wallet-friendly and taste-friendly, try a recipe that uses natural plant products and make that your new favorite dish!
  4. Choose a day where you go full plant-based! It is always fun to start challenges with your friends and family and make it a tradition. Better for your health, environment and relationship!

Of course, there are more ways on how you can be more plant-based – leave some ideas in the comments!