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There is a rumor going around that eating carbs at night can slow down a person’s metabolism. This statement is completely false. When it comes to someone’s metabolism, there are a lot of factors to consider rather than just the time of the day. The amount of weight you lose and gain depends on factors like the amount of calories that you consume along with the amount of physical activity that you get daily. 


The most common misconception about carbs


The most common misconception people have about eating carbs at night is that since you are not physically active during that time, the carbs you consume at night will turn into fat. In reality, the body repairs itself the most when you are sleeping and needs a lot of fuel. The body takes important nutrients from the carbs in order to get this fuel. 


What you can take from this information moving forward


You don’t need to limit the amount of carbs you eat throughout the day just because of the time! There are countless aspects people have to look over when it comes to their diet. These include stress, genetics, the environment, and overall body composition. Next time you hear about limiting a type of food or another assumption of the effects of a food, make sure you do your own research and ask a dietitian about it for clarification!